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Tripsy Club offers you an unforgettable eight days in the heart and soul of the Mediterranean - the island of Sicily! This is a dream come true for every history lover and connoisseur of beauty, breathtaking views, delicious food, and unique Sicilian wine. A place where a mix of sun and sea, the scent of jasmine and orange blossom, lemon gardens, and golden beaches combine with year-round sunshine to create a unique atmosphere and feel. We will experience the amazing art, history, architecture, and folklore that have been preserved over the years. We will travel to different parts of the island to soak in the joy of life, get to know the hospitality of the Sicilians, and admire their pride in their family and roots. We will pass through charming villages, and small and more significant towns from Syracuse to Noto and Taormina, Cefalù to beautiful Palermo, and the natural wonder of Mount Etna. This is a small part of our journey, which includes many more surprises and sensations for the senses that we have prepared for you in this Sicilian adventure! For your convenience, we offer flights departing from Varna and Sofia!


  • Destination
  • Transfer
  • Included Activities
  • Optional Activities
  • Accommodation
  • Included Meals
  • Day 1

    • Flight Bulgaria - Island of Sicily
    • Syracuse
    • Dinner
    • Hotel Panorama / Syracuse
  • Day 2

    • Breakfast
    • Syracuse Tour
    • Noto Tour
    • Free time
    • Dinner
    • Нощувка Hotel Panorama / Syracuse
  • Day 3

    • Breakfast
    • Tour Modica
    • Free time
    • Tour of Ragusa
    • Free time
    • Agrigento
    • Dinner
    • Hotel Bini / Agrigento
  • Day 4

    • Breakfast
    • Tour Agrigento
    • Valley of the Temples
    • Tour of Mazara Del Valo
    • Free time
    • Chefalu
    • Dinner
    • Hotel Santa Lucia / Chefalu
  • Day 5

    • Breakfast
    • Tour Palermo
    • Free time
    • The Catacombs of Capuchins
    • The Martorana Church
    • Teatro Massimo
    • Monreale
    • Montreal Cathedral
    • Free Time
    • Dinner
    • Hotel Santa Lucia / Chefalu
  • Day 6

    • Breakfast
    • Tourist Tour of Cefalù
    • Free time
    • Messina Tourist Tour
    • Catania
    • Dinner
    • Hotel Biancaneve / Catania
  • Day 7

    • Breakfast
    • Free time
    • Etna volcano
    • Lift to Etna
    • Taormina
    • Ancient Greek Theatre in Taormina
    • Free time
    • Dinner
    • Hotel Biancaneve / Catania
  • Day 8

    • Breakfast
    • Free time in Catania
    • Transfer to airport Catania
    • Flight Catania - Bulgaria




   Centuries-old architecture, numerous works of religious art, and the characteristic sweet and salty cuisine epitomize Syracuse - a city of beauty and timeless riches! Ancient Greek ruins rise amidst citrus gardens, coffee tables sprawl among baroque squares, and medieval narrow streets lead to the azure blue sea. The main attraction here today is the island of Ortigia, which is the most beautiful corner of Syracuse, with a deep atmosphere, ornate churches, people who fall in love with the romantic little streets, welcoming restaurants with excellent traditional food, aperitifs, wines, a market and a stunning sunset over the Mediterranean. An incredible legend of eternal love tells how the goddess Artemis turned a nymph into a natural spring - the Arethusa Fountain and that is where the sunset is most magnetic! A significant part of the heritage in this city dates back to ancient Greece, which Cicero called "the greatest of all Greek cities'' and reached a size and status that made it a rival to the great powers of Athens and Carthage. So ancient is this place that "once upon a time" began somewhere around seven centuries BC when Corinthian colonists established settlements, and today 3000 years later it bears witness with its ruins and is one of the largest archaeological sites in Sicily. Nearby is the Baroque town of Noto, Modica - famous for its ancient chocolate recipe and Ragusa with its old houses.


  The hotel we have chosen for our stay in Siracusa is located in the heart of the Archaeological Park, in a strategic location that makes it an ideal starting point to explore the city and the region of Eastern Sicily. "Hotel Panorama” is conveniently located in the business district of Siracusa, which is close to one of the main attractions, the “Teatro Greco”, and the old town of Ortigia is only about 10 minutes away by transport. Excellent service welcomes guests in spacious and modern rooms decorated in fresh colors at their check-in. Each of them has bathroom amenities, a TV, a minibar, a balcony, and Internet access. For our two-night stay here, we have included a breakfast and dinner buffet in the main restaurant, and the hotel bar will offer fresh drinks and aperitifs for those of you,  who want to unwind after the day's excitement!



   A big part of the city in  Agrigento is modern. But there are still a number of medieval and baroque buildings preserved in the central area, as well as the archaeological museum, which is housed one of the most valuable finds from ancient Akragas. The main attraction here is out of  Agrigento. The enchanted valley with flowering almond trees is the site of an impressive temple complex from ancient Greece - the Valley of the Temples! Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, today its former grandeur is still evident in the many ruins of the seven temples. These are the most enchanting Greek ruins outside the borders of Greece, even the symbol of Agrigento is the Temple of the Dioscuri - Castor and Pollux, the legendary twins born from the union of Queen Sparta and Jupiter. There are also a number of monuments in the valley, such as the Temple of Olympian Zeus, built in thanksgiving to the god Zeus, and the largest in the whole set. There also discovered Telemons - giant figures with human features. The Temple of Concordia is impressive for its hexagon-shaped construction and is among the best preserved in the world, its name coming from a Latin inscription found nearby. On the other hand, the Temple of Hercules is the oldest, or the first one built here, which in antiquity was compared to that of Zeus. Built a little to the side as a place of worship for the sick who sought healing is the Temple of Aesculapius, whose walls were inscribed with the names of those who were healed. Other monuments of which only ruins remain are the tomb of Theron, and the temples of Vulcan and Juno, which also bear witness to imposing constructions and a cult. It is imposing to observe the Doric temples of siltstone at sunrise or sunset and their grandeur which contemplates the sea.


 The "Hotel Dei Pini " is an elegant and welcoming four-star hotel located between the Valley of the Temples near Agrigento and the charming little coastal town of Porto Empedocle. A great location to visit the largest ancient Greek temple complex outside Greece, or the beautiful white cliffs of the Sicilian coast. Recently renovated, and surrounded by wonderful greenery, the hotel welcomes us with refined interior, taste, and style and the service will ensure maximum comfort for our stay. We have breakfast and dinner included with our overnight stay here, served in the main restaurant and inspired by Sicilian cuisine. We will have the wonderful opportunity to enjoy the traditional flavors of the region. In addition to the great food, the hotel offers a variety of services that guests can take advantage of, such as a large swimming pool, children's pool, playground for practicing various sports, restaurant, and bar. The accommodation rooms provide great conditions for rest and relaxation, for those of you who are tired from a long day. Modernly equipped with air conditioning, TV, internet, minibar, bathroom accessories and a terrace overlooking the pools or gardens give comfort and coziness. The "Hotel Dei Pini" ensures that each of its guests remains as satisfied as possible, whether for one or more nights and you are sure to be charmed too!



  Cefalù is among the most attractive medieval towns in Italy. It has preserved its picturesque little harbor, situated next to a central beach and full of painted wooden boats made by local fishermen. Against the crystal clear sea, Cefalù offers a rare combination of highlights: one of the best beaches in Sicily and a collection of Arab-Norman masterpieces. The piazzas, streets, and churches are so beautiful and delightful, that they make everyone fall in love gradually, while the buildings of honey-colored stone and the unique mosaic in the cathedral make one feel cozy. The imposing rock that towers over the city proudly holds all this magnetism. Cefalù is located in the central part of the island's north coast, standing like a suspended little jewel near Palermo. Just 80 kilometers from the capital, which is one of the architectural, historical, and culinary centers of Europe, and in the opposite direction to the east, 170 kilometers away, the third largest city, Messina! 


  For our tour in this region, we have planned two nights in "Santa Lucia", which will provide us with comfort, convenience, and a wonderful view of the beautiful Cefalu! The breathtaking landscapes of the coast touching the azure sea, the cathedral towering above all the buildings, and the majestic cliff, often define the city as the "Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Peninsula"! "Santa Lucia" consists of three multi-story buildings that are interconnected, each offering movement between floors by elevator and large terraces with magnificent views. From the hotel area, via a staircase, there is access to a beautiful sandy beach, crystal blue waters, white rocks, and vegetation, which is equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas. There is also a large swimming pool for both adults and children. All 256 rooms on the premises are comfortably furnished in an attractive design, with a TV with satellite channels, air conditioning, a minibar, modern bathrooms with all the necessary amenities, and balconies that for the most part offer sea views. The staff makes sure everyone's stay is enjoyable with the hospitality they offer and the attention to every detail. Breakfast and dinner are served in the main restaurant, tailored to the hotel's capacity, and professional chefs take care of the variety of food, with a natural emphasis on local specialties. Here is also the "Gron Caffe Santa Lucia" 1950 - a famous pastry shop in the region, which in addition to the guests is open to outside visitors and gives the opportunity to taste a variety of Sicilian pastries, the famous ice cream of Cefalù, coffee, aperitifs and cocktails accompanied by the beautiful view from the panoramic terrace.




   For years, Taormina has enchanted its visitors, with its mythical atmosphere that can be felt in every corner! Situated on Monte Tauro hill, the city towers over two incredible bays, and on its southern side stands majestically Mount Etna! Mount Etna is the highest active volcano in Europe, and often covered in a cap of snow, but offering anyone who climbs it - a breathtaking view that spans for miles into the Mediterranean. Everything in Taormina testifies that it has been a highly favored place for the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Saracens, Arabs, Normans, and Spanish since antiquity, becoming a favorite town thanks to its favorable weather, climate, and atmosphere. Nowadays, everyone who sets foot here discovers excellent examples bequeathed by the golden times - the great Greek theatre, proudly towering over the city, the Roman "Naumachia", the 10th century "Palazzo Corvaja", the 13th-century Cathedral of St. Niccolò, the 16th century Palace of the Dukes of St. Stefano, the public gardens and many many more. In the recent past, Taormina has been a favorite destination of inspiration and rest for many names in the world of art who chose it as a place to escape: Truman Capote, Alexandre Dumas, Guy Des Moines, John Steinbeck, Gustave Klimpt, Oscar Wilde, Richard Wagner and others captivated by its magnetic beauty. In our modern times, it continues and is a source of inspiration for Francis Ford Coppola, Leonard Bergman, Marlene Dietrich, Marcello Mastroianni, Elizabeth Tyler, Greta Garbo, Federico Fellini, Woody Allen are just a few of those who have spent unforgettable holidays here. There is no way not to mention the world-famous Sicilian cuisine, which is held in the highest esteem, and you will find it in the many picturesque restaurants around. It is deeply cosmopolitan, borrowed from all its predecessors who lived in these lands. The Arabs introduced eggplant, rice, and sweet and spicy cuisine. The French and Spanish perfected local raw materials, turning them into sumptuous Mediterranean cuisine - pasta, seafood, lemons, olive oil, tomatoes, and herbs. Sicilian food is a journey through history to the present day. Here, locally cultivated products such as red chilies, olives, pine nuts, and capers are recognizable on the world market thanks to the fertile soil periodically fertilized by the Mount Etna volcano.  Nearby is the island's second-largest city - an incredible fusion of modernity, diverse cultures, and influences. Located at the foot of the mountain and entirely dependent on its whims, burnt seven times anew, rising from the ashes, and even more beautiful this is Catania!


   We are introducing to you the hotel we've included in our Sicilian adventure and accommodation for two nights. We chose it because of its convenient location and our intended places to visit. It is located in the magnificent town of Nicosia, at the foot of Mount Etna volcano, which is one of the highlights of our trip. Conveniently close to stunning Taormina and half an hour from Catania airport, "Hotel Biancaneve" was a great choice for us. Surrounded by an impressive pine forest and built in a classic Mediterranean style, we will be charmed by the combination of tranquility, quality service, and a welcoming attitude to everyone. We have breakfasts and dinners included with our nights, served in the main restaurant. A continental buffet breakfast awaits us in the morning and dinner is served by a waiter, with a focus on familiar Italian and international specialties. The accommodation rooms are cozy and predisposed to relaxation and rest, and for our convenience are equipped with air conditioning, satellite TV, minibar, safe, internet, and bathroom accessories. Some of the rooms have balconies, overlooking the pool, or the pine forest, which gives the feeling of peace and tranquility. Additionally, you can use the hotel's spa area, which offers various treatments and massages with volcanic stones. For those of you who prefer more fun moments with the group, the hotel also has a bar which can be a great end to the day with a nice glass of wine or aperitif!


* Standard room including breakfast and dinner  

Date Pp in a double room
Price for a single room
31.03.2024 €797 €1,050
07.04.2024 €797 €1,050
14.04.2024 €797 €1,050
21.04.2024 €797 €1,050
28.04.2024 €797 €1,050
05.05.2024 €797 €1,050
12.05.2024 €797 €1,050
19.05.2024 €877 €1,130
26.05.2024 €877 €1,130
22.09.2024 €877 €2,208
29.09.2024 €797 €1,050
06.10.2024 €797 €1,050
13.10.2024 €797 €1,050
20.10.2024 €797 €1,050
27.10.2024 €797 €1,050



* Standard room including breakfast and dinner

Date PPb in a double room
Price for a single room
18.03.2024 €878 €1,131
25.03.2024 €878 €1,131
29.09.2024 €878 €1,131
06.10.2024 €878 €1,131
13.10.2024 €878 €1,131


*Prices are current at the time of uploading to the site and are subject to change. Please send an inquiry to confirm the price. For prices for a triple room and accommodation with children, please send an inquiry and we will give you an up-to-date price.

  • Direct flight ticket to Catania with Wizz Air
  • Airport Fees
  • Checked baggage 20 kg and 1 small hand luggage 40 x 30 x 20 cm
  • 2 nights with breakfast and dinner at Syracuse "Hotel Panorama" or similar 3/4*
  • 1 night with breakfast and dinner in the Agrigento area at Hotel Pini or similar 3/4*
  • 2 nights with breakfasts and dinners in the Chefalu area at "Hotel Santa Lucia" or similar 3/4*
  • 2 nights with breakfasts and dinners in the Catania/Etna area Hotel Biancaneve or similar 3/4*
  • Tour of Syracuse and Noto
  • Tour of Modica and Ragusa
  • Tour of Agrigento and Mazara Del Valo
  • Tour of Palermo and Montreal
  • Tour of Cefalù and Messina
  • Tour of Etna and Taormina
  • Transport included in the entire itinerary
  • Medical insurance
  • Travel agency representative with Bulgarian language for the whole stay
    The program meals in the hotels are: buffet breakfast and buffet dinner, drinks not included.
  • Flight schedule with European Air Charter (subject to reconfirmation):
    Varna - Catania - 15:00-16:20
    Catania - Varna - 17:45-22:00
  • Flight schedule with Wizz Air (subject to confirmation):
    Sofia - Catania - 19:50-20:50
    Catania - Sofia - 21:25-00:10+1
  • Entrance fees for sites included in the program:
    - Entrance fee to the Martorana church in Palermo - about 4€
    - Entrance fee to the Cathedral in Montreal - about 4€
    - Entrance fee to the Catacombs of the Capuchins - about 10€
    - Entrance fee to Teatro Massimo – about 13
    - Entrance fee to Agrigento - about 12 euros
    - Ticket for the cable car and jeeps in Etna - about 78€ for an adult/50€ for a child (4-12 years)
    - Entrance fee to the Greek Theater in Taormina – about 13
  • Fuel and emission charge - announced 21 days before the flight
  • Municipal charge - payable at reception and set and changed unilaterally without notice by the local municipal administration between 2 and 4 euros per person per night
  • Personal expenses
  • The trip is organized by a tour operator "Trips International" Ltd. with a certificate of registration from the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism: RK-01-7641 and insurance "Liability of the tour operator" with number 13062110001115 from Lev Ins Bulgaria."
  • Booking conditions:
    Deposit 30% paid to TO within 24 hours after booking;
    21 days prior to departure;
    Issue of travel documents 7 days prior to flight;
  • Cancellation Policy:
    Up to 24 hours after booking with no cancellation fee;
    Up to 30 days prior to departure £50 cancellation fee;
    Up to 21 days before departure 30% of the cost as cancellation fee;
    Under 21 days 100% as cancellation fee;
    1. Minimum number of tourists 120;
    2. 21 days notice period in case of non-collection;
    3. Bulgarian citizens need to have a valid identity document, valid for at least 6 months after the date of arrival in Bulgaria;
    4. The tour operator reserves the right to change the program and flight schedules.

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