Frequently asked questions

Here you can find information about our company, way of working,
the philosophy of the club, details associated with travel, insurance, and organization.

What is Tripsy club?

The Tripsy Club is the new way to explore the world. Traveling and feeling very moment are what bring us together. Share the trip with the right people! That's the difference between a journey and an unforgettable adventure. Our Club is a community where everyone feels more like a part of the family rather than only a customer. We organize only group travel experiences and we offer a new and unique way to travel around the globe, to meet awesome people and create memories that last a lifetime. Find out more.

What is included in the trip?

We are not like the traditional travel agencies selling same travel deals with different names. Every trip of ours is tailor-made and crafted to fit the specific mindset and way of life of our Tripsters. That's why you need to check each trip's description and details to see what is included. We can only guarantee you that in every offer you will find =>

  • A carefully selected, interesting and exciting program which ensures you a once in a lifetime trip filled with unforgettable moments, experiences that last forever and feelings that will most likely boost your mood for the upcoming few years. Some of the activities are included in the price and others are just optional. This way we give a certain freedom to everyone, depending on their individuality, as some Tripsters may be into the extreme and others may like to lay on the pasty sands with a Mojito in hand.

  • All accommodation options listed by day for the whole duration of the trip. The accommodation options usually vary from mountain lodges, hostels and guest houses to city hotels, authentic and different places of accommodation and even luxury villas and five-star resorts. The detailed information regarding the selected hotel can be found in its section in the trip's description.

  • From the moment you are accommodated in the hotel from where your adventure begins until the end the of the journey all transfers /by land, air and water/ are included in the initial price.

  • a Tripsy's team on the field to take care of you and the other Tripsters. Every trip of ours has its TripStar that will guide you through your journey and whose mission will be for you to have the time of your life. Every guide is an experienced traveler of ours for whom wandering around the world is not just passion but a way of life. Every StripStar passes a special training class to be able to meet yours and our standards. During the adventure, the TripStars are always at your service. Their task is to unite the travel group, creating a bond between different Tripsters, and ensure the excitement and fun of everyone. The TripStars are no classical tour guides, but in most cases, they will be able to answer your questions and provide you with an inside info about interesting things you can do in your free time.

And here is what you will not find included in our packages => transport to the hotel from where the trip begins, as well as one to home when the trip ends. More information about the way we travel to and from a trip you can find in our FAQ.

Why the transport to the starting point and ending point is not included?

Tripsy is a community of travelers from all over the world. This is why the people for each trip come from different locations. Thus we believe that excluding the transportation cost to the starting point and the one after the trip gives our fellow Tripsters freedom to chose a means and a way of transportation that suits each of them idividually. To further develop this thought, we know that sometimes you just don't want the trip to end and this way you will be able to stay for a day or two more.

Is it safe to book with Tripsy?

We, as travelers, know the importance of safety when exploring the world. Thus Tripsy plans its programs according to an initial research of each destination and in order to ensure both you individual safety and the safety of the group on site. Moreover, the name we have built as well as our policies stand to guarantee your financial safety as well.

Can I visit your office for a quick chat?

Tripsy club operates online and does not have offices for client meetings. However, we have a better way of communicating face to face. Feel free to join any of our events or parties in order to meet and have a chat with us or other Tripsters in order to hear from them what it's like to travel with us. Every event of ours follows a different theme and is held in a new place. For up-to-date information about our events you can follow us on Facebook