What are Tripsy Adventures?

These are our special authored adventures that we guarantee an amazing experience of a lifetime. Key things we value and set us apart: Our trips are full of exciting activities to experience together as a group, but we make sure they are always structured so that you have complete freedom when you want to break away from the group and explore the world on your own and then turn on again. Our groups are small, 10-20 people, which gives us the opportunity to pay attention to everyone and offer a premium experience, and very often we customize the program according to the wishes of the group. It also allows you to get to know the rest of the group and build genuine relationships. With our groups, there is always a guide who is with the group at all times, whose role is to look after everyone in the group, get the group together and get to know them, and everyone having a great time together. Our motto is not accidental Travel with friends - because even if you join our adventure alone, you will come home with many new friends!

Caution! Tripsy adventures lead to addiction! A lot of the travelers, joining our trips are addicted to Tripsy club and don't want to travel any other way anymore. This leads to the following side effects: excessive desire for travel, acute deficiency of paid time off, large amount of new friends, post excursion depression, which leads to an unrestrained booking of new adventures and a correspondingly reduced level of financial resources. Rarely observed: pregnancy, engagement and other life-changing events. Моля пътувайте на ваша отговорност!