What Is Tripsy?

The way to turn your journey into a lifetime experience!

The travel club Tripsy is the modern way to experience trips. Our love for traveling combined with our adventurous spirit is what made us start this journey. We want to bring people together, help friends share new experiences and form bonds between like-minded travelers that will last a lifetime!


with friends

Join a vibrant community and feel the journey like never before.


Be part of a bigger group that has an initially organized route and guide that ensures your peace of mind to not think about anything and surrender to the moment.

with style

Browse our shop and see our own unique clothes and accessories that will turn into your best friends around the globe.

Travel with friends

Going on journeys and feeling each moment together is what’s in the core of our brand. Don’t travel alone, share the experience with friends and like-minded people. Because being in a group with the right travelers is what makes the difference between a journey and an adventure!


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