• Tripsy Family in the mountain
  • Tripsy Family
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  • 08 Aug - 15 Aug
At the beginning of August (08-15.08.18), we'll take you to another great adventure with Tripsy Family, where we will escape the August heat in the mountains in the cool. We will immerse you in the majestic Rhodope mountain and we will look at some of the biggest sights there. The accommodation will be in luxurious houses in Rodope style in the nature with 2 or 3 rooms.


  • Destination
  • Transfer
  • Included Activities
  • Optional Activities
  • Accommodation
  • Included Meals
  • Day 1 /2018-08-08/

    • Arrival
    • Free time
    • Group meeting
    • Dinner
    • Vilas Kochorite
  • Day 2 /2018-08-09/

    • Breakfast
    • ECOtour
    • Lunch in nature
    • Dinner
    • Vilas Kochorite
  • Day 3 /2018-08-10/

    • Breakfast
    • Visit to Yagodinska Cave
    • Visit of "Orlovo oko"
    • Visit the cave "Devil's Throat"
    • Dinner
    • Vilas Kochorite
  • Day 4 /2018-08-11/

    • Breakfast
    • Visit the planetarium in Smolyan
    • Free time
    • Вечеря
    • Night observation of the sky from Rozhen`s Observatory
    • Vilas Kochorite
  • Day 5 /2018-08-12/

    • Breakfast
    • Free time
    • Animation for kids
    • Dinner
    • Vilas Kochorite
  • Day 6 /2018-08-13/

    • Breakfast
    • Walk to the Devil's Bridge
    • Free time
    • Dinner
    • Party
    • Vilas Kochorite
  • Day 7 /2018-08-14/

    • Departure
    • Visit the Wonderful Bridges

Are you ready for the ideal family vacation?


New type of family vacation

We are glad to present you Tripsy Family - our new concept of travel, especially designed for people with children. Each adventure will include a variety of activities for the whole family, as well as such specially designed only for children so that the parents could feel as they are on a real vacation. Always in the group of children is more fun, especially if there is an adult who sets the rhythm of the game and to teach them new ones.


Majestic and proud

Rhodope is the most interesting Bulgarian mountain. And not just because of its amazing beauty. It has a special romance and mood that absorbs in the person from the first touch with its rounded slopes. And you have a chance to see her more closely, you will know her temper and her kindness, her ability to make you sick and shy. The Western Rhodopes are full of smiling, hospitable people, delicious food, splendid views, crystal clear air, rich history and culture.


Yagodinska cave is among the most visited caves in Bulgaria. It is located 3 km from the village of Yagodina. The total length of the cave galleries is more than eight kilometers, making it one of the longest in the country. The cave is entered through a special entrance to the lowest of its three floors, which is well-developed and illuminated. The temperature in it is between 6 and 8 ° C throughout the year.


The Devil's Throat is a precipitous cave that attracts tourists with their mysterious beauty, the roaring element of the underground waterfall (the highest in the Balkans), formed by the 42-meter-wide precipitous waters of the River Trigrad, as well as the many legends that spark the imagination.


It is a platform for observation and tourist attraction. Built on the edge of a cliff lying at 1563 meters above sea level. The drifting deviation from the platform to the Buinovsko Gorge road is more than 600 meters. From the platform you can see the Buynovsko Gorge, the village of Borino, Chala, the village of Yagodina, and in the distance - parts of Pirin, Rila and mountains in Greece.


The largest planetarium in Bulgaria, offering over 50 different programs. These include: fairy tales for the youngest children, many sessions, review and themes for the broad audience


The scientific complex is situated in a beautiful area on the mountain ridge, near the Rozhen peak in the Central Rhodopes. Around 10,000 people visit the Observatory annually. Besides the incredible panoramic view, tourists can observe the sky and stars through the 80-ton telescope, one of the few such telescopes in the world of a very high class and accessible to ordinary citizens.


As much as beauty and legends surround the picturesque Devil's Bridge on the Arda River. There are myths that the devil himself has suggested how to build the bridge, to its image that formed in the reflection of the water.


Kochorite Mahal is a holiday village of 11 houses, located in the western part of Pamporovo resort, at 1440 m above sea level. The houses have a balcony or patio with access to the courtyard and have a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom, a fireplace and a garage. Some houses also have a sauna. Some of the rooms have exposed stone walls or walls and dark wood paneling ceilings. All villas have self-cooking facilities, but guests can also enjoy meals and drinks at the restaurant. There are houses with two or three bedrooms, a small families can be combined into a house, using any one room.

You deserve a real vacation, even when your are with the kids!


Departures from

459 eur Price for double room (with food for 2 adults)

876 eur Price for villa with 2 rooms (with food for 4 adults)

1199 eur Price for villa with 3 rooms (with food for 6 adults) Price includes Price excludes

  • Six nights of the accommodation you have chosen
  • Six breakfasts and dinners for a number of people in package
  • One evening with animators for kids
  • A Rhodope evening with a bagpipe and a singer
  • Organisation and a team representative during the trip on spot
  • 4 months before departure - 50% of the value of the selected package must be paid
  • Transportation: we provide assistance for flight tickets
  • For children under 6 years old is free of charge (does not include meals)
  • Children from 7 to 12 years old are charged 60 evro for sleeping and feeding
  • Additional insurance "Trip cancellation" - signed only at the time of signing the contract. For more information contact us on 0889 400 231
  • Additional activities and personal expenses
  • Upon reservations 30% of the value of the selected package are due
  • 4 months before departure - 50% of the value of the selected package must be paid
  • up to 91 and more days before arrival - no cancellation fee
  • 61 to 90 days before arrival - 50% cancellation fee for the cost of the entire stay in less than 60 days prior to arrival - 100% cancellation fee for the cost of the entire stay
  • in less than 60 days prior to arrival - 100% cancellation fee for the cost of the entire sta
  • That trip will be held when there is a group of at least 10 people. Deadline for announcing that it has not gathered the required minimum of people - one month before arrival If there are less than 10 people by this date, the trip will be canceled and all amounts collected on reservations will be refunded to the people
  • Payments are made by bank transfer, the bank account will be provided together with the contract upon reservation
  • The trip is organized by tour operator "TRIPSY International" Ltd. with a certificate of registration from the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism: PK-01-7641 and insurance "Liability of the tour operator" with No. 181301315000068161 of Allianz Bulgaria.