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  • 29 Nov - 06 Dec
Zanzibar - the hidden treasure of Africa! We at Tripsy club will take you to a paradise holiday in this amazing unspoiled destination that ranks among the best in the world with its beaches, coral gardens, schools of glowing fish, dolphins and many more adventures! We have selected for you a nice hotel on the shore of the sea on an All Inclusive basis, so if you wish, you can spend all your time in peace on the beach or join the many additional adventures that we have prepared for you!


  • Destination
  • Transfer
  • Included Activities
  • Optional Activities
  • Accommodation
  • Included Meals
  • Day 1 /2023-11-29/

    • Flight Sofia - Zanzibar
  • Day 2 /2023-11-30/

    • Zanzibar
    • Transfer to the hotel
    • All inclusive
    • Free time
    • Uroa Bay Beach Resort 4*
  • Day 3 /2023-12-01/

    • All Inclusive
    • Free time
    • Excursions Island of spices
    • Uroa Bay Beach Resort 4*
  • Day 4 /2023-12-02/

    • All Inclusive
    • Free time
    • Stone Town tour
    • Uroa Bay Beach Resort 4*
  • Day 5 /2023-12-03/

    • All Inclusive
    • Free time
    • Uroa Bay Beach Resort 4*
  • Day 6 /2023-12-04/

    • All Inclusive
    • Free time
    • National park Jozani
    • Uroa Bay Beach Resort 4*
  • Day 7 /2023-12-05/

    • All Inclusive
    • Free time
    • Prison Island
    • Uroa Bay Beach Resort 4*
  • Day 8 /2023-12-05/

    • All Inclusive
    • Free time
    • Uroa Bay Beach Resort 4*
  • Day 9 /2023-12-06/

    • All Inclusive
    • Transfer to the airport
    • Flight Zanzibar - Sofia

Ready for adventure



The charm of Zanzibar is timeless! White sands and turquoise waters surround the island and African, Indian, Arab, and Persian influences intertwine in Stone Town to create a rich cultural backdrop. Zanzibar's beaches are justifiably famous! Fine sands, clear turquoise waters, traditional Arabian boats sailing in the dawn, silhouetted against the pastel-hued sky, and coconut palms swaying gently in the breeze. Whether for a post-safari break or a self-drive destination, the beaches on Zanzibar's east coast and around its northern tip offer the quintessential tropical island paradise. Here, each beach has its own personality! Suppose you're visiting Tanzania's most famous island for the first time, in addition to all the beautiful beaches. In that case, we've prepared a selection of interesting additional adventures for you to join - see for yourself!




An extremely pleasant place to relax, rest or dive that will appeal to everyone! The island takes its name from the prison that was built on it in 1893 but was never used for its intended purpose. Today the building is a ruin but serves as a wonderful place for tourists, here you can relax and enjoy the magnificent views. One of the main attractions is the huge turtles brought here from Seychelles by Sheikh Saeed Majith in the 1920s. They find the prison island a great environment and breed freely, there is a nursery where the little inhabitants welcome everyone and make visiting a great experience, especially for children! Opportunities such as snorkeling around the coral reefs with the delightful colorful fish, starfish, and picturesque shells or relaxing and collecting some sunshine by the white sandy beach will give everyone beautiful memories. On the way back, admire the breathtaking views of Stone Town, the bay, and the archipelago. A guided tour and transfer service are included with the excursion.





Zanzibar Town is the island's main settlement, and the historic Old Stone Town is its heart and soul. It's also a great place to soak up the rhythms of the island's atmosphere. The Forodhani Gardens is a lively stretch of waterfront where Zanzibaris of all ages gather in the early evenings to watch the sunset and enjoy the passing scene, Young men leap from the thick stone wall into the waters of the harbor below, children play and women in bui-bois (black scarves) gather to chat, it's all so magical and fascinates any visitor. The rich architecture and history add to the overall atmosphere and it is no coincidence that the city is under UNESCO protection. A tour through the narrow cobbled streets, artisan shops, and spice shops will tell us so much about this city and the aroma of delicious food is everywhere from sizzling grilled octopus skewers to steaming bowls of delicious coastal soup or hot rice flour bread a must taste. A guided tour in Bulgarian is included.





Enjoy a day indulged in flair and flavors! This excursion is dedicated to all the spices, herbs, and fruits that grow in Zanzibar. This is a place that will envelop us with the aroma of nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, lemongrass, and many other exotic surprises. Here you will learn about their origins, and why Zanzibar is called the "Island of Spices", which dates back nearly 500 years! The excursion includes a guided tour, transfer, and an organized lunch if you wish



Yozani Park is a natural vegetation reserve and home to many endemic species of flora and fauna. The red colobus monkey, velvet cats, snakes, mangroves, and a variety of small trees, shrubs, swamps, and grasses can be seen here. During the forest walk, both the different species of animals and the variety of mango trees will fascinate and transport us to another world. This is the best nature trip on the island and an opportunity for fantastic photo shots. Included with this adventure are a guided tour in English and a transfer.




To paraphrase that well-known quote about Africa, those of you who have never been to Northern Tanzania should be envious because they still have a lot to look forward to, and those of you who have will certainly want to repeat it. Northern Tanzania is a land of superlatives - from the highest mountain in Africa to one of the greatest spectacles of wildlife on the planet. Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti are just starting points for the many journeys that await everyone here. Mount Meru rivals Mount Kilimanjaro in both beauty and the challenge of climbing it, and Mount Crater may be the most haunting landscape in Africa! The wildlife is simply phenomenal - the baobab and elephant kingdom of Tarangire, the tree-climbing lions of Lake Manyara, the flamingoes of Lake Natron, and the zebras that never let anyone or anything out of their sight!

Uroa Bay Beach Resort 4*

The *Uroa Bay Beach Resort* is a four-star resort, conveniently located southeast of Zanzibar Uroa, just 45 minutes from Karume International Airport. Guests are accommodated in 135 rooms, varying in the category according to individual preference - standard sea view, garden view, or spacious family rooms. All of them are equipped with air conditioning, a fan, a mini-bar, a TV, and a safe, as well as suitable for customers with wheelchairs. The stay here includes the All-Inclusive concept in the restaurant located in the main building. Furnished in a typical style, with wood and seating 200, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served here. *Uroa Bay 4* has 2 bars - next to the reception and on the beach, where guests can cool off with a cocktail, juice, or drink a cup of aromatic coffee. For comfort and unforgettable summer days, in addition to hospitality, the spa will take care of the satisfaction of mind and body, outdoor swimming pool, and tennis court for those of you who do not want to get out of shape. At *Uroa Bay Beach Resort*you can pay in cash or with Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit cards, if you pay by card there is a fee of 3.1% of the amount paid. There is a 24-hour front desk and an intake desk on the premises. The complex has a doctor and free check-ups between 9 and 11 am. It is recommended that special rubber shoes are worn in the sea to avoid injury if a coral or shell is encountered.


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1815 eur

price per person in double room

  • Charter flight ticket to/from Zanzibar with European Air Charter - with included 20 kg luggage
  • 7 nights in Zanzibar at the Uroa Bay Beach Resort 4* on an All Included
  • Transfer airport - hotel - airport;
  • Medical insurance Travel assistance from Euroins with a cover of 10,000 euros
  • BONUS package MAXIMUM SECURITY - reimbursement of the paid, in case of a travel ban for medical reasons, for example infection by COVID-19 (proved with a medical document)
  • Overall organization and team on site during the excursion (with a minimum of 8 people, with less, there will be a Bulgarian representative of our partner on site)
  • Mandatory surcharges:
    * City tax – 1 US dollar per night per tourist. It is paid directly at the hotel reception;
    * Entry visa for Tanzania. Each client must activate the procedure at his own responsibility, as the instructions are on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
    * Local Guide/Driver Service Fee - about $5 per person per ride;
    * Fuel and harmful emissions tax - announced 21 days before the flight. Prices are calculated with parameters of USD 1000/ton;
    * Expenses of a personal nature;
  • Recommended additional services booked on request:
    * All-day blue (sea) safari with lunch included - BGN 170 for an adult / BGN 95 for a child 2-11.99 years old;
    * Half-day excursion The Island of Spices - BGN 80 for an adult/BGN 40 for a child 2-11.99 years;
    * Half-day excursion to the Stone City - BGN 80 for an adult / BGN 55 for a child 2-11.99 years;
    * Half-day excursion to the Yozani reserve - BGN 120 for an adult / BGN 60 for a child 2-11.99 years;
    * Half-day excursion to the Prison Island - BGN 100 for an adult / BGN 50 for a child 2-11.99 years;
    * One-day safari in Tanzatia - BGN 1,030 for an adult / BGN 1,000 for a child 6-11.99 years old
  • Booking conditions:
    * Up to 24 hours after booking a 30% deposit * 24 days before departure - 100% of the excursion must be paid
  • Conditions for cancellations:
    * Up to 24 hours after booking with no cancellation fee
    * Up to 31 days before departure - 70 ban per person, as a cancellation fee
    * Up to 22 days before departure - 30% of the value, as a cancellation fee
    * Less than 21 days before departure - 100% of the value, as a cancellation fee
  • Bulgarian citizens must have a valid identity document - a foreign passport, valid for at least 6 months from the date of return to Bulgaria and get a visa
  • Minimum number for the excursion - 150 people. Notification period in case of unselected minimum – 21 days;
  • Payments are made by bank transfer, the bank account will be provided together with the contract upon reservation
  • The tour operator reserves the right to make changes to the program;
  • The trip is organized by tour operator "TRIPSY International" Ltd. with a certificate of registration from the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism: PK-01-7641 and insurance "Liability of the tour operator" No. "13052210000126" of LevIns Bulgaria

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