• SHARM EL SHEIKH - EGYPT with flight from Sofia
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  • Departures from 05 Sep 2024
Tripsy club will take you on an exciting vacation to an amazing destination - Sharm El Sheikh! Indulge in a wonderful holiday at one of our hotels and dive into the underwater adventures the Red Sea has to offer! Discover some of the secrets of Mount Sinai or embark on a night safari in the desert! We promise you unforgettable days and timelessness!


  • Destination
  • Transfer
  • Included Activities
  • Optional Activities
  • Accommodation
  • Included Meals
  • Day 1

    • Charter flight Sofia - Sharm el Sheikh
    • Transfer to selected hotel
    • Sharm El Sheikh
    • Free time
    • Tour Sharm El Sheikh
    • All Inclusive
    • Hotel in Sharm El Sheikh - optional
  • Day 2

    • All Inclusive
    • Free time
    • Trip to Cairo and the Pyramids of Giza
    • Hotel in Sharm El Sheikh - optional
  • Day 3

    • Free Time
    • Entertainment at the hotel
    • Mini jeep safari in Nabk protected area
    • All Inclusive
    • Hotel in Sharm El Sheikh of your choice
  • Day 4

    • Free Time
    • Entertainment in the hotel
    • Diving and snorkelling in Ras Mohades
    • All Inclusive
    • Hotel in Sharm El Sheikh of your choice
  • Day 5

    • Free Time
    • Entertainment in the hotel
    • Full-day excursion to St. Catherine Monastery
    • All Inclusive
    • Hotel in Sharm El Sheikh of your choice
  • Day 6

    • Free Time
    • Entertainment in the hotel
    • ATV safari at sunset
    • Boat trip with transparent bottom
    • All Inclusive
    • Hotel in Sharm El Sheikh - optional
  • Day 7

    • Free Time
    • Entertainment in the hotel
    • All Inclusive
    • Hotel in Sharm El Sheikh - optional
  • Day 8

    • Breakfast
    • Transfer to Sharm El Sheikh Airport
    • Flight Sharm el Sheikh - Sofia

Are you ready for a holiday ?



  Sharm El Sheikh is the main tourist center of the Sinai Penisula and one of the world`s diving top destinations. It is also known as the “City of peace” due to the numerous international peace negotiations held here. Its prime location and proximity to the desert give this resort an air of mystery and romance, perfect for a relaxing getaway or a fun-filled adventure holiday.  There are many great reasons to choose this destination such as climbing the Sinai Mountains, on the top of which God gave Moses the Ten Commandments, then visiting St. Catherine's Monastery with its world-famous collection of religious art and manuscripts. Another interesting choice is a walk in Ras Mohammed National Park - the Perl of the ecological crown of Sharm or to enjoy the extreme nightlife in Naama Bay with some of the most famous chains of bars and restaurants in the world.  Sharm El Sheikh or “Bay of the Sheikhs”, this resort becoming a favorite for everyone regardless of age. 




  The trip to Cairo includes a visit to the Egyptian Museum and the Pyramids of Giza. More than 12,000 artifacts from every period of Egyptian history will be at our fingertips and will captivate us forever.  The Egyptian Museum holds a collection of 136,000 precious exhibits, from statues and reliefs to miniature coins and amulets, an extraordinary treasure and a symbol of Egypt's national pride! We will be accompanied by a guide who will catch our attention on all the most critical stages of development in the ancient world! The pyramids of Giza are the next stop, which is also known as the most visited place around Cairo! From the time of their construction, the pyramids of Giza have embodied antiquity, and mystery and given rise to incredible hypotheses. The pyramids are the only wonder of the ancient world that has survived almost intact. The Great funerary Pyramid of Cheops is the oldest and largest in the world, built around 2500 BC from nearly 2.3 million limestone blocks weighing an average of 2.75 tons and moved by 100,000 slaves. Amazing facts that we will find out thanks to the guide who will accompany us and reveal all the secrets preserved for thousands of years and passed down for generations. The grandeur of the sphinx that proudly guards these historical masterpieces will captivate us with the size and craftsmanship of a figure with a lion's body and a man's head! 



  The first thing Mount Sinai is associated with is the biblical account of Moses. It is the place where he spent 40 days before receiving the 10 Commandments and to this day a favorite place of pilgrims. The Arabic name for Mount Sinai means just that - "Mount of Moses." At the foot was built the monastery of St. Catherine, which is the longest continuously operating monastery in the world, as well as one of the largest pilgrimage centers in Orthodoxy It was built between 527 and 565 by Emperor Justinian I, and according to legend, it was here that Moses saw the burning bush, which was the announcement that he had been chosen as a prophet. The Sinai Monastery today holds a huge library of manuscripts dating back 16-17 centuries. Only the library collection at the Vatican surpasses that at St. Catherine's Monastery. Because of its priceless historical importance, it has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. If you have the physical ability you should try to climb the steps of penance, which are a real ordeal for everyone.  There are several hiking trails you can take to reach the top, but this is the shortest and yet the most tiring of them. There are as many as 3,750 steps, and the name comes from the penitent monk who made them. Mount Sinai is very rocky, the rock mass being of alkaline granite. What is striking is the different shapes and sizes of the rocky crags and pinnacles, evidence that they were formed at different depths. At the very top is the Holy Trinity Chapel. This Eastern Orthodox church with incredibly beautiful interior frescoes was built in 1934 on the ruined remains of a 4th-century temple.  The only way to reach Mount Sinai is by land transport. Many pilgrims and tourists stay overnight, to climb the mountain and meet the desert sunrise from its summit. 



Petra, the lost ancient city that lies half-hidden in the windswept landscape of southern Jordan, is sculpted on the rocks by the Nebautei, the Arab people who once lived in the deserts of Jordan. It is a place that has become a very important marker on the Silk Road and other goods transported between Saudi Arabia, China, Greece, Egypt, Syria, and Rome. Petra, whose name means "rock," was a fortified city and thriving trading center whose inhabitants carved houses, temples, and tombs, sometimes with extraordinarily elaborate and colonnaded facades, into the natural canyon walls. One of the wonders of the ancient world, it is also known as the Pink City because of its pink rock formations and called the "Lost City" because, after the 14th century, Petra was completely lost to the western world. The Treasury is one of the wonders you can find in the ruins of Petra. There are several or rather hundreds of tombs made in the rock, a Roman theater, obelisks, temples, altars for carrying offerings, and streets with colonnades, and high in the valley is the splendid monastery of Ad-Deir. Surely this atmosphere of antiquity and timelessness, of a different culture that in some magnetic way constantly reminds of itself with an unreal presence will leave in everyone sensations that are never forgotten!



Luxor is often referred to as the world's largest open-air museum, but this falls far short of describing this extraordinary place because nothing in the world can match the scale and grandeur of the monuments that have survived to this day and bear witness to Egypt's glorious past. The setting is breathtaking - the Nile flows between the modern city and the cemetery on the western bank, surrounded by the enigmatic Theban escarpment. Scattered across the landscape, the temples of Karnak and Luxor in the east with the numerous tombs and temples on the west bank are a real treasure, and invariably a must-stop for anyone visiting the land of the pharaohs. In ancient times it was known as the "City of a Hundred Gates", and within its territory are some of the most magnificent temples such as the Valley of the King, the Temple of Karnak, the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, the Temple of Luxor, which houses some of the most extraordinary ruins and artifacts—considered very important during the Old Kingdom of Egypt and the capital of Egypt during the New Kingdom, and nowadays Egypt's national treasure and pride!



Price from: 455 eur


Price from: 523 eur

Aurora Oriental Resort 5*

Price from: 516 eur

Barcelо Tiran Sharm Resort 5*

Price from: 568 eur

Hilton Sharks Bay Resort 4*

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Price from: 510 eur

Charmillion Club Resort 5*

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Price from: 593 eur

Jaz Mirabel Park 5*

Price from: 615 eur

Jaz Fanara Resort 4*

Price from: 645 eur

Jaz Belvedere Resort 5*

Price from: 645 eur

Steigenberger Alcazar 5*

Price from: 1030 eur

Rixos Premium Seagate 5*

Price from: 1268 eur

Rixos Sharm El Sheikh ADULTS ONLY 5*

Price from: 1228 eur

Jaz Mirabel Beach 5*

Price from: 631 eur

Xperience St. George 4*

Price from: 450 eur

Xperience Kiroseiz 4*

Price from: 503 eur

Dreams Beach 5*

Price from: 555 eur


Price from: 569 eur

Cleopatra Luxury Hotels & Resorts 5*

Price from: 629 eur

Iberotel Redsina 5*

Price from: 704 eur

Baron Palms Sharm El Sheikh - “Adults Only 5*

Price from: 982 eur
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If you're looking for the perfect combination of golden sand, azure waves, and a lively atmosphere, then Sol Y MAR NAAMA BAY in Sharm el Sheikh is your choice! This hotel is the perfect place to enjoy your surroundings and experience a wonderful vacation. Conveniently located in the heart of Naama Bay, guests are within walking distance of the lively promenade and shopping area, where they can fully immerse themselves in the authentic ambiance of Sharm el-Sheikh. You can choose from various well-equipped and spacious rooms and awards according to view preference and the number of family members or group members. Elegant furnishings accentuate the chic decor of the rooms, while cool colors and stylish accents reflect the bright and carefree atmosphere of the seaside. The resort has 195 rooms and suites with stunning views of Naama Bay or the pool. They are furnished with all the amenities of individual temperature control, satellite TV, in-room safe, minibar, and lovely balconies with seating so guests can enjoy the view. The All Inclusive concept means that everyone can indulge in a variety of mouth-watering cuisine and enjoy a range of fantastic amenities during their stay. Great nightlife, fine cuisine, an impressive sandy beach, and a host of activities combine to create an unforgettable holiday for every hotel guest. 


* Standard room All-Inclusive

Date PP in a double room
Price for a single room
12.09.2024 455€ 613€
19.09.2024 455€ 613€
26.09.2024 455€ 613€
03.10.2024 558€ 715€
10.10.2024 558€ 715€
17.10.2024 558€ 715€
24.10.2024 558€ 715€
31.10.2024 558€ 715€
07.11.2024 558€ 715€
14.11.2024 558€ 715€


** Prices are current at the time of upload and are subject to change. Please drop an inquiry for price confirmation.  For rates for triple rooms and accommodation with children, as well as premium room options or those with sea views, please drop a request and we will give you an up-to-date price.

  • Airfare including airport taxes and 20kg checked baggage / 5kg hand luggage with European Air Charter;
  • 7 nights on All Inclusive basis in the hotel of your choice;
  • Airport-hotel-airport transfer;
  • Medical travel assistance insurance from Euronins with €10,000 cover (Traveller, Option A);
  • BONUS MAXIMUM SECURITY package - reimbursement in case of travel ban due to medical reasons, e.g. infection by COVID-19 (proven by medical document);
  • Tour operator representative;
  • Flight schedule (subject to confirmation):
    Sofia - Sharm el Sheikh - 15:30 - 17:30
    Sharm el Sheikh - Sofia - 18:30 - 23:00
  • Recommended additional services booked upon request:
    - Sharm el Sheikh sightseeing tour - Price for adult 20€ / child 20€
    - Full day excursion to Sinai Monastery "St. Catherine" - Price for adult 72€ / child 46€
    - Diving and snorkeling in the beautiful reefs of the Red Sea - Price per adult 60€ / child 31€
    - Mini Jeep Safari - visit Nabk National Park - Price per adult 50€ / child 31€
    - Quad Sun Set - ATV tour of the Arabian Desert - Price per adult 45€ / child 45€
    - Boat trip with a transparent glass bottom on the Red Sea - Price for adult 50€ / child 25€
    Full day trip to Cairo - Price per adult 309€ / 299€
    - Luxor - full day tour - Price per adult 309€ / 309€
    - Petra - full day tour - Price per adult 350€ / 350€
    - Jerusalem - full day tour - Price per adult 228€ / 228€
  • Tourist visa (issued at the BCP, valid for 30 days) in the amount of USD 25;
  • Fuel and Emissions Fee - to be announced 21 days before the flight;
  • Deposit 30% paid within 24 hours after booking
  • Additional payment 21 days before departure;
  • Issue of travel documents 7 days before flight;
  • Up to 24 hours after booking with no cancellation fee
  • Up to 30 days prior to departure 25€ cancellation fee
  • Up to 21 days before departure 30% of the cost as cancellation fee
  • Under 21 days 100% as cancellation fee
  • 21 days notice period in case of non-collection;
  • The tour operator reserves the right to make changes to the program and flight schedules.
  • Payments are made by bank transfer, you will receive the bank account together with the contract when making the reservation;
  • The trip is organized by a tour operator "Trips International" Ltd. with a certificate of registration from the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism: RK-01-7641 and insurance "Liability of the tour operator" with number 13062110001115 from Lev Ins Bulgaria."