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Tripsy club will take you on an exciting adventure to Tunisia to kick off the New 2024! What could be better than an unforgettable holiday? Take a look at our range of hotels, and we're sure there's something for everyone - from a 5* All Inclusive beachfront resort with a 24-hour bar for those who want to indulge in a well-deserved break, to a two-day adventure in the desert for those seeking adventure, to stunning quaint towns with narrow streets and interesting markets for those who want to immerse themselves in the local culture and get to know the locals. And are you ready for a proper start to 2024?



Tunisia is only a small part of the vast horizontal territory of North Africa, but it has enough history and diverse natural beauty to fill an area many times the size of the country! A perfect destination for unforgettable summer days with plenty of sun, sea, and sand, where seafood is always served fresh and the blissful Mediterranean coastline smells of jasmine and sea breeze. Beyond the beaches, Tunisia is an exciting destination with its culture, history, and incredible extreme landscapes - from forested coastlines to Saharan sand seas in the south to turquoise waters and tropical exoticism!





Suggested visit to Kairouan, the fourth holiest city for Islam, and El Jem, home to one of the world's best-preserved amphitheaters! The program here begins with a tour of the Okba, the Great Mosque, the most important religious building, and then an exploration of the city, which seems to move to a different rhythm from that of Tunis. Most of the median is occupied by quiet residential streets that have changed little over the centuries, with modest houses with arches and shutters painted bright blue and green. The small squares near the grandmothers' houses and the covered Suk district create a special atmosphere. The first walls of the medina were built towards the end of the 8th century, but those you will see today date mainly from the 18th century. The tour continues with a visit to the city's water reservoirs, which date back more than 1,000 years. The route continues to El Jem, the UNESCO World Heritage-listed coliseum is probably the second largest in the Roman world. It is one of the most impressive monuments of world history, and it was this that served as the backdrop for the filming of the unforgettable "Gladiator"





We offer you an exciting voyage, a spectacle with pirate dances and costumes on board a ship! We are sure that every one of you has dreamed of getting into such a sea adventure as a child!  We will take you back to when you were a dreamer and turn it into a wonderful experience and an unforgettable memory of conquering new shores and searching for pirate treasures!




We invite you on a wonderful adventure with the fastest sailing boat - a catamaran! It will take you deep into the clear transparent waters of the Mediterranean to enjoy the blue expanse and sea breeze. This sailing will give you a feeling of freedom, while refreshing drinks and pleasant music will give everyone a feeling of timelessness. Enjoy a pleasant carefree sail that, with the help of the wind, will take you to beautiful bays accessible only by water!



Be part of an unforgettable two-day journey in Tunisia that will take you to the sands of the great Sahara - the largest sand sea in the world! Camel trekking, amazing landscapes, date palm oases, the existence of the troglodytes - the people who chose underground caves as their home in the desert, and the famous scenery from the Star Wars movie mega-production are just some of what's to come, and believe me there's a lot in store! 

Day one:

The route will take you to El Jem, one of the best-preserved and most impressive amphitheaters in the world! Matmata is next - this is where the roots of the Tunisians originate. This village is the most undeniable example of man's adaptability, his ability to turn the disadvantages of the natural environment into an advantage, and his ability to make a home anywhere and in any condition. Presented with the unique opportunity to access the intimate space of the local inhabitants, you will experience the places that became part of the Star Wars trilogy, the lands on which Indiana Jones searched for the missing Kiwote and the desert next to Matmata, the romantic backdrop for The English Patient. A jeep safari is included here, and camel rides or, weather permitting, hang gliding are available on request for an additional fee, and a nominal fee is payable locally to photograph all sites. 

Second day:

The second day of this adventure, after an early breakfast, will take you to the dry salt lake of Chott El Jerid, known to the world for the amazing mirage picture that is created at sunrise! Legend has it that Fata Morgana was a fairy who lived on the seabed and enticed travelers with ghostly visions. Of course, there is a scientific explanation, according to which it is a complex optical phenomenon in which distant objects appear in a distorted way in the sky.  Next up is Tozor, the only oasis town where all the desert winds have had their rendezvous and, despite their best efforts, have yet to cover it in sand. One of the most beautiful souvenirs in the world is mined here - the desert rose - crystallized sand in the shape of a flower, a piece of desert memorabilia that will capture your heart! Safaris in the desert will take you to the extraordinarily beautiful mountain oasis of Shebika - a precious jewel in the harsh desert, tucked away in the middle and bathed in the scorching rays of the sun, also known as the "Castle of the Sun''! Water gushes here, even forming a small waterfall for you to enjoy. Next, a delicious lunch in the Gafsa area and a visit to Kairouan - the fourth holiest city for Muslims and the site of one of the masterpieces of Islamic architecture - the largest and oldest mosque in Africa - the Okba!




The excursion starts from the old part of Tunis - the old oriental heart and cobbled paths - the 13th century Medina /UNESCO/, where a colorful atmosphere reigns, imbued with aromas and mystery. Lunch with traditional cuisine is what will fully immerse us in this culture. Quite close to the capital Tunis is Carthage itself - the pearl of the Mediterranean, bathed in the rays of glory and grandeur, where the ruins of one of the most famous cities of antiquity are located! Founded, according to legend, by the Phoenician Queen Elis, the thermal baths of the Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius and the amphitheater of Hadrian are best preserved from the Roman period in Carthage. Next, visit the artistic town of Sidi Bou Said - a Mediterranean inspiration in blue and white with the scent of jasmine! We will leave you to enjoy a stroll through the picturesque streets, the atmosphere of an oriental café with hookah, and a local specialty - herbal tea with mint leaves and cedar nuts or citronada with fresh almonds!



We suggest you meet the wild inhabitants of Africa in a safe area called Frigia Park. This place occupies an area of 360,000 square meters and 61 species of the fauna of the African continent are represented there. This is the first wildlife park in Tunisia, and it is made so that all animals live in relative freedom, allowing them to preserve their natural instincts and social status. There are additional programs here with sea lions, an ethnic Zulu show, and a dolphinarium with a performance of these intelligent sea dwellers or you can touch and swim with them.



Marhaba Club 4*

Price from: 651 eur

Vincci Marillia 4*

Price from: 747 eur

Lella Baya Thalasso 4*

Price from: 679 eur

Occidental Sousse Marhaba 4*

Price from: 672 eur

Sentido Phenicia 4*

Price from: 774 eur

TUI Magic Life Africana 5*

Price from: 843 eur


Price from: 808 eur
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Marhaba Club 4*

The *Marhaba Club* is located in Sousse, 150 meters from Bou Jaafar Beach. On-site facilities include a restaurant, free private parking, a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, and a bar. This 4-star hotel offers modern and comfortable accommodation, equipped with a private bathroom with bath and bathrobes, a flat-screen TV, and air conditioning, while some rooms also have a seating area. Guest room amenities include a refrigerator and a chest of drawers. An All-Inclusive dining concept is included with a stay here, which is served in the main restaurant buffet style for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Free WiFi, a garden, a private beach area, 24-hour reception, room service, and currency exchange are some of the amenities that make everyone's holiday complete. There is a playground for the younger guests of the hotel, while adults can practice table tennis, darts, or minigolf.



* Standard room - All-Inclusive 

Date PP in a double room
Price for a single room
28.12.2023 €651 €719


** Prices are current at the time of upload and may be subject to change. For rates for triple room and accommodation with children, as well as sea view room or apartment options, please drop a request.


  • Airfare including airport taxes and 20kg checked baggage / 5kg hand luggage with European Air Charter;
  • 6 nights on All Inclusive basis in the selected hotel;
  • Transfer airport - hotel - airport;
  • Medical travel assistance insurance from Euroins with 10,000 euro coverage (Traveller, Option A);
  • BONUS MAXIMUM SECURITY package - reimbursement in case of travel ban for medical reasons, e.g. COVID-19 infection (proven by medical document);
  • Representative of the tour operator;
  • Flight schedule (subject to reconfirmation):
    Sofia - Enfida 08:00 - 09:30
    Enfida - Sofia 11:00 - 14:40
  • Recommended additional services booked upon request:
    - Sahara and its magic - adult 230 BGN / child 230 BGN;
    - Pirate ship cruise - adult 100 BGN / child 50 BGN;
    - Catamaran cruise - adult 100 BGN / child 50 BGN;
    - Kairouan and El Jem - adult 120 BGN / child 60 BGN;
    - 1001 nights show in Scheherazade restaurant (for hotels in Sousse) - adult 120 BGN / child 60 BGN;
    - 1001 Nights Show at Scheherazade Restaurant (for hotels in Hammamet) - adult 110 BGN / child 50 BGN;
    - Tunis + Carthage and Sidi Bou Said (full day excursion) - adult 145 BGN / child 80 BGN;
    - Full day excursion to Cap Bonn - adult 130 BGN / child 90 BGN;
    - Half day excursion - Frigia Zoo - adult 70 BGN / child 35 BGN;
  • New Year's Eve dinner - extra charges:
    - Staigenberger Marhaba Thalasso - BGN 110 -adults / BGN 55 -children 2-12;
    - Lella Baya - 120 BGN - adult / 60 BGN - children 2-12;
    - Vincci Marillia - 140 BGN - adult / 70 BGN - children 2-12;
    - Sentido Phenicia - 120 BGN - adult / 60 BGN - children 2-12;
    - TML Africana - 140 BGN - adult / 70 BGN - children 2-12;
    - Occidental Marhaba - 70 BGN - adult /40 BGN - children 2-12;
    - Marhaba Club - 70 BGN - adult / 40 BGN - children 2-12;
  • Fuel and emission charge - announced 21 days before the flight;
  • The prices are calculated with aircraft fuel parameters of 1000 USD/tonne at an exchange rate of 1 Euro/ 1 USD.
  • Booking conditions:
    - Deposit of 30% payable within 24 hours of booking;
    - 21 days prior to departure;
    - Issue of travel documents 7 days before flight.
  • Cancellation Policy:
    - Up to 24 hours after booking without cancellation fee;
    - Up to 30 days before departure 50 BGN/person cancellation fee;
    - Up to 21 days before departure 30% of the cost as cancellation fee;
    - Under 21 days 100% as cancellation fee.
  • Important:
    - Minimum number of tourists: 150 people;
    - Minimum number of tourists: 150; Minimum number of guests: 150;
    - Bulgarian citizens are required to have a valid identity document, valid for at least 6 months after the date of arrival in Bulgaria;
    - The tour operator reserves the right to make changes to the program and flight schedules.
  • The trip is organized by a tour operator "Trips International" Ltd. with a certificate of registration from the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism: RK-01-7641 and insurance "Liability of the tour operator" with number 13062110001115 from Lev Ins Bulgaria;